Lighting Installation In Toronto

Lighting Installation In Toronto

Looking for a lighting installation in Toronto?  The you have come to the right place with Go2 Electricians Of Toronto.  Our Master Electricians can install a wide range of lighting options in your home and business.  

Before deciding on what types of lights you would like, you may want to give us a call so that we can go over various options with you such as:  

1)  Halogen --- A very pleasant and natural light, but one that emits a great deal of heat, thus increasing energy costs.  Bulbs are somewhat more expensive than other options.  

2)  Fluorescent --- lasts a fair bit longer than other options.  And produces quite a bit of light. However, if you were to go with a fluorescent lighting installation in Toronto, there are some drawbacks.  

Firstly, the bulbs are difficult to dispose of.  Secondly, if a bulb breaks in your home it contains dangerous levels of mercury, leaving your home or business a hazard until properly decontaminated. And thirdly, numerous studies have pointed towards the negative effects fluorescent lights have on a person's health.  

3)  LED --- long lasting and very energy-efficient.  LED lights are also very versatile and can provide a pleasant, full brightness type of look.  

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For a lighting installation in Toronto, call Go2 at 416-651-8383. You can also fill out our brief online form and a technician will return your call and be happy to assist you.


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