Residential Toronto GFCI Installation

Residential Toronto GFCI Installation 

Call Go2 Electricians of Toronto for a residential Toronto GFCI installation.

A GFCI is a special electrical outlet for added safety with the aim of preventing electrocutions.

Pretty much everyone knows that a hair dryer shouldn't be used in a bathtub.  But young kids may not exactly be aware of that or an accident could occur where a hair dryer falls into a tub.  

But if that hair dryer is plugged into a GFCI outlet, it can detect when something is amiss and cut off the current.  Not only could that prevent someone from getting electrocuted but it could potentially save a life.

A GFCI looks different than a regular outlet in that it has 2 buttons, one that says "Test" and the other "Reset," so you may already be familiar with them.  Even if you didn't want to install that special outlet throughout your home, at a minimum it is a good idea to have it in every bathroom and in your kitchen.

Don't get zapped by water and electricity which don't mix.  Go2 are the licensed and friendly technicians who can increase the safety in your home.

For a residential Toronto GFCI installation, or multiple installations throughout your home, give Go2 Electricians of Toronto a call at 416-651-8383



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